A Letter to our Hotties

Dear Hotties,

We’re excited to share some big news for the Hot Young Designers Club. We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to bring you some major changes that will help us build a stronger designer community.

From the beginning, it wasn’t our goal to be business coaches or launch full-time mentorship programs. Our first priority continues to be running our studios and keeping our hands in what we love most–interior design. We created our show as a way to connect with designers and help our businesses grow and this is what sets the Hot Young Designers Club apart. But producing a podcast takes a lot of time and (surprise!) isn’t free. This is why we launched Patreon subscription tiers in 2022 to provide monthly resource downloads to our members. Your support has made it possible for us to hire production help, and create a more sustainable platform for our community.

We started as a small group of design besties in early 2020, and since then we’ve grown the podcast, met #hottiesinthewild at industry events and markets, created genuine friendships, and  built a supportive community all over the world.

We believe these vital connections have been critical for our mental health and fundamental to the growth and success of our businesses.

So what’s our big announcement? 

We’ve launched a new Loyal Hottie tier! This tier is available now on Patreon and will give subscribers exclusive access to our private conversations, and more support to both you and your businesses. This tier offers new ways to engage with us and your fellow Hotties in real-time, giving you tools to build your own design bestie community.

Moving forward, the Loyal Hotties will be our only Patreon tier and we’ll be retiring Basic, Regulation, and Certified Hottie tiers on April 1, 2023. You’ll still be able to get all of our Resources through our shop, even if we won’t be providing them monthly to subscribers. Rest assured that the podcast, which you love and enjoy, will continue to be available on your favorite listening platform.

Loyal Hotties will get exclusive content and benefits for only $10 each month. Additionally, our Patreon will be the only place to hear our popular Process Party series (with video/screen sharing), live community workshops, and extra episode video content. Unlike the podcast, which is a free and public platform, our new Patreon episodes will allow us to share even more unedited and unfiltered conversations about what’s happening in our businesses (and lives).

Thank you again for being a part of our community – we couldn’t do it without you.

Stay hot designers,

Shaun and Rebecca