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The Hot Young Designers Club is dedicated to building a community and lending a voice to all creatives. We believe that hotness and youngness are a state-of- mind, not based on external standards. Our bi-monthly episodes cover a variety of topics related to running a design business; from the practical systems and processes, to navigating the emotional and logistical challenges faced by creative entrepreneurs.

We treat our show like a heart-to-heart chat with close friends. We want to invite people to the conversation who will make it fun – while teaching us something new. 

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Complete the form below to be considered as a guest for the Hot Young Designers Club. We typically record episodes several months in advance so our content calendar fills quickly. We make guest selections based on  the value provided to our audience (see criteria above). 

If we think you will be a good fit for the show, you will hear back from us within a few weeks!

Rebecca Plumb & Shaun Crha
"The Original Hotties"