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This week Shaun and Rebecca are sharing their dream projects in another installment of You Wish, Bitch! They’re manifesting their crazy big ideas and some more realistic dream projects to niche their businesses. Turns out that they both have globetrotting design fantasies! If you don’t put it out there, how will someone know you want it?

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Stuff they mentioned:

Shaun’s been trying to snag a tile by Paul Bommer and keeps missing his Etsy sales.

Heidi Caillier Design used Paul Bommer’s tiles for this kitchen project

Shaun’s been using the IKEA Symfonisk speaker outside to pair with his existing Sonos indoor system

Rebecca’s Camp Goldenbear project is getting so cool

Don’t ever get stuck in the Suez Canal, because it’ll cost you $1 BILLION DOLLARS!

Listen back to our first You Wish, Bitch episode #27 about dream kitchens

We recorded this episode while staying at The Hotel Nomad for Las Vegas Market

Shaun talks about niching his business into Spanish Revival style homes

Rebecca chats about the type of clientele and project she really wants to work with

Shaun’s dream big is working on a Riad in Marrakech, Morocco after his trip in 2019

The El Fenn and L’Hotel Marrakech are both beautiful and inspiring resorts

Rebecca wants to pretend to recreate Stay Here in her design business

Set your dream big goals: Who do you want to call you for their next project? What’s the project? What does it look like? How does it reward you? What’s the look and feel?

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