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Welcome to the Hot Young Designers Club podcast! Hosted by Rebecca Plumb and Sean Crha, they explore the world of interior design with humor. In this episode, they celebrate reaching episode 101 and reflect on their journey.

Rebecca and Sean discuss how hitting 100 episodes felt like a milestone and their commitment to the podcast.

They express gratitude for their Patreon community, talk about upcoming plans, and encourage listeners to follow them on Instagram for updates. Also, join the Hot Young Designers Club community for engaging episodes as they explore interior design. Rebecca and Sean value listener feedback and demographics, emphasizing their commitment to diversity.

They discuss guest selection, authenticity in design, and encourage listener suggestions. They emphasize the gradual growth in design and willingness to challenge boundaries.

Listeners’ budget-related questions are acknowledged, with a focus on open communication with clients. Resources and expert input are planned for future episodes. Process-related topics are exclusive to Patreon, providing in-depth insights for supporters.

Finance, profit margins, and pricing topics are recognized, with plans for expert input. Industry news may involve a special correspondent, and tech discussions are available on Patreon.

Securing opportunities involves uniqueness and alignment with brands. Diversifying income streams is encouraged.

Rebecca and Sean appreciate their community’s feedback and support.

Thank you for being part of the Hot Young Designers Club!


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