Vendor Bender Series: Design Assisted

This is the first episode of our new Vendor Bender series where we’ll welcoming industry experts onto the show. We want to help designers run their businesses better, and we’re starting of with Dalia Soles of Design Assisted. Dalia’s company helps designers increase their efficiency through outsourced project management, design assistance, and procurement.


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Stuff they mentioned:

Dalia’s background in both commercial and residential projects in Palm Beach, CA helped her identify a gap in the design industry that lead to the launch of her company, Design Assisted.

Find Dalia online, on Instagram, and on Facebook

Dalia cut her teeth in the design industry working for Kemble Design in Florida

We love her spirit of figuring things out and being courageous to jump into a new career path and industry.

Dalia talks about thriving in environments where she can lift others up, and how her role as a Design Assistant can sometimes involve being a therapist for her designers.

We talked more about outsourcing in Episode 40

Dalia shares how she uses Trello and Asana to help her clients projects move smoothly

Bringing on a design assistant can help increase revenue through time billing and increase the designer’s productivity

Dalia shares her love of Google Slides to help organize information and acts as brain dump for our full minds

We also talk about our various experiences with Enneagram and how our types effect our work and personal lives.

Dalia has recommended Willow & Jax to some of her clients as a resource to help define their processes.

She also talked about her mental health journey working with adult ADHD after discovering Chalene Johnson on Tik Tok

She’s currently inspired by the dynamic work of Cameron Ruppert Interiors

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