Process Party: Part 1 – Client Intake

On this episode the Hot Young Designers are DJing their first Process Party: Client Intake. They’re spinning down how they each create a consistent client experience from an initial inquiry to scheduling the in-person consultation. Nothing is off limits from intake form questions to automation steps to integrating their calendars. They even share their experiences generating revenue from stand-alone consultations and debate displaying their rates on their websites.

Rebecca and Shaun introduce their new segment – Too Lit To Quit where they share the things they can’t quit both in their personal lives and in their business.

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Too Lit To Quit


Warm Warm Cup

Normal People on Hulu

Four Hands Spring 2020 lineup


Secret Celebrity RuPaul’s Drag Race

Mosquito Repellant Incense Sticks

Electric Fly/Bug Swatter

Bat Box


Stuff they mentioned

Prepare your intake forms to be ready for discovery calls by identifying your ideal client and ideal project like we discussed in Episode 5 – Does Your Brand Suck?

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