Secrets of Styling

On today’s show we’re sharing some secrets of styling and talking about the art of selling accessories. And we have some exciting past guests to share their own process. We get into profitability, efficiency, and how to retain the joy of design. If you’ve been wondering how everyone else does it, this is the show for you

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Stuff they mentioned:

We talk about the benefits of hiring a stylist for photographs and editorial instead of styling for client installations.

How to help clients understand the value of creating fully styled spaces

Using fully accessorized and styled rooms to help advertise for the next ideal client and project

Most designers are investing their own time and energy to bring in accessories and styling items for clients

We realized that many are not confident that their process is the ideal way they want to handle things long term

We explore a little about why running a retail store isn’t ideal for everyone

We wanted to leave more confident in our own process and feeling comfortable with experimenting on new styling processes

Eneia shares her own process for purchasing accessories and how she bills it to clients

We talked about creating a single lump line item on proposals for accessories. 

Rebecca is trying the Sortly app for inventory management

Lauren from Studio Laloc has a little bit of a different process she shares with us

Kravet accessories

The journey of buying vintage and antique items and maintaining an inventory may not be for everyone

Consider the space needs, temperature control, insurance, and the need to sell merchandise to build profit into your business model

We weigh some of the pros and cons of new wholesale accessories vs. purchasing vintage and how to make money off it 

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