Process Party: Part 6 – Furniture Education

It’s time for our next Process Party, Hotties! We’ve talked about how important furniture sales are to generating revenue, and the first thing you need to do is learn the differences in quality and value. This week we help you get an introductory course. Because you’ve got to educate yourself before you can educate your clients!

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Stuff they mentioned:

Rebecca’s been frustrated by reinventing her remodeling proposals in Dubsado

Shaun apparently undersold Poldark to Rebecca and now she’s hooked

Check out Rebecca’s Instagram highlights for her Lake Tahoe project

Is Poldark better than Downton Abbey?

Shaun wasn’t a fan of the Stranger Things Drive Into Experience

If you’re looking for a great Summery or brunch vibe, listen to the Spotify playlist by Palihouse

Check out Palisociety online for design inspiration too

Avoiding throwing around words like high-end and low-end until we’ve developed a spectrum of products we’re referencing

Noir is a trade vendor who discloses a lot of material variation and embraces imperfection

Find out how the products you’re specifying are made

A textile design course can really help you learn a lot about fabrics

Shaun learned a lot during his internship from Kathryn Ireland and her textile line

Understanding how wood is cut to understand pricing and quality

Learning the difference between partial overlay, full overlay, and inset cabinetry

Cabinetry can be value engineered

Rebecca and Shaun debate talking to a cabinet maker or a cabinet showroom to learn more

We talk about different upholstery qualities like fillers, pattern matches, and solid wood frames

Shade alert: Restoration Hardware sofas aren’t always worth their price

Expensive doesn’t always mean quality

Your job is to educate clients on what quality furnishings look like and how they’re made

Eneia White talked about matching your client’s inspiration with their budget in her Episode 38

Homeowners go into sticker shock on window treatments

Don’t try to come for us saying your store bought window treatments are just as good as custom treatments

As designers we need to remove our money mindset from our client’s money mindset

Price is only a factor in the absence of value, sell your clients on value that sets your proposed products apart

Don’t be afraid to be humble and admit what you don’t know

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