Photoshoot Tips & Tricks

On this episode we’re helping you prep for your next professional photoshoot. We talk about what’s in our photoshoot day toolkits, how to style shots, and how to collaborate with your photographer. Whether you’ve worked with a professional photographer before, or you’re planning your first shoot, there are some awesome take-aways in this episode.

And just for funsies we play Who Would You Rather?: Quarantine Edition, and Kiss/Marry/Kill: Photoshoot Edition.

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Sizzle + Fizzles of the Week

We flattened the emotional curve which means a lot of things are feeling like Fizzles.

Rebecca’s Podcast find for meaningful gatherings

Shaun’s Joyful Conversation Starters to reinvigorate all your Zoom calls.

Stuff they mentioned

Create more appealing styling by Avoiding Tangents

Our Stylist Crushes:

Steven Whitehead Bedding and Soft Goods Stylist

Brady Tolbert

Scott Horne

Colin King

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