102: Lessons In Project Management

In this enlightening episode of the Hot Young Designers Club Podcast, hosts Rebecca Plumb and Shaun Crha unravel the challenges and joys of design and project management. Advocating for adaptability and success, they delve into the realities and diversity of the field, offering a blend of humor and insight.

Discussing the multifaceted aspects of design, such as bookkeeping, marketing, and trades, the hosts emphasize the importance of balance, particularly for solopreneurs. They share personal anecdotes and experiences, highlighting their commitment to navigating these varied elements with grace and adaptability.

The conversation deepens as Rebecca and Shaun explore the art of execution, a cornerstone of project management. They share lessons from interactions with contractors and clients, focusing on communication, organization, and advocacy. The hosts reflect on the evolution of their roles, the value of questioning, and the dedication required to uphold a project’s integrity.

The episode also unveils a treasure trove of solutions and insights. The hosts discuss the impact of tools like Asana and Studio Designer on workflow and client communication. They share their journey through different software, emphasizing the need for forward-thinking in platform selection. They encourage fellow designers to embrace unpredictability, adapt swiftly, and continually refine processes.

Concluding with words of encouragement and an invitation to continue the conversation on Instagram, Rebecca and Shaun ensure the episode is an open door to a thriving community. Join them in exploring the intricate world of project management and turn up the heat on your design journey! Welcome to the Club!

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