Keepin’ it 100

Today we are celebrating 100 episodes of the Hot Young Designers Club Podcast! As we look back at the last three years, we think about the best pieces of advice we have received, what’s changed over the past three years, and some cringe-worthy moments of the show. We also share an amazing giveaway that we will be doing in honor of our 100th episode!

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Our amazing giveaway and how to enter to win
  • How the pandemic affected our careers and podcast over the last few years
  • The best pieces of guest advice we have incorporated into our businesses
  • Not just being an order taker
  • The most mind blowing conversations we have had on the show
  • Figuring out what we are willing to do and not willing to do
  • How we have both changed over the past three years
  • Not making our money story, the client’s money story
  • Opening up yourself to bigger opportunities
  • Funny and cringey moments of the show
  • Not feeling isolated by connecting with other designers
  • Our future plans for the podcast and our businessess


Click here to enter the giveaway!

Ep 26 with Jacob Medina

Ep 38 with Eneia White

Ep 79 with Joy Williams

Ep 81 about Money Story

Ep 82 with Linda Hayslett

Ep 87 with Shannyn Lee

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