Just Stop – The Next Generation

This week we’re boldly going where no Hottie has gone before. It’s time for the 5th installment of our most popular series Just Stop. And do we have some good ones for you. We’re talking about fighting the algorithm, getting paid in full, and hunting for unicorns.


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Stuff they mentioned:

Shaun had fallen off Instagram posting so he got back into it by starting Reels.

One of Shaun’s reels has gone viral.

If you fell off the wagon too, try using an auto-posting app like Planoly or Later.

Rebecca is having a Mom Summer but has a vacation coming up

And if you’re looking for the perfect bag to carry everything around, Rebecca is loving her Hulken bags.

The Hulken bag also holds her IKEA KUGGIS presentation trays

We’re back for part 4 of the popular Just Stop series (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)

Just Stop asking for magic unicorn solutions to problems during projects, put in the work and learn from your mistakes.

Just Stop asking what to do with 90s developer niches, just close them up.

Just Stop selling goods and products to clients without marking them up.

Just Stop worrying about what other designers are doing.

Just Stop complaining about the Instagram algorithm.

Just Stop complaining about how the internet and online shopping have changed our industry.

Just Stop acting like a bank for clients – they should be paying for 100% of goods before you order so you’re not at risk.

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