5 Dos and Don’ts of Designer Etiquette


Stuff they mentioned:

1 DON’T Don’t ever make your social posts look like you did the work if you didn’t.

  • DO Give credit where its due. If you are sharing photography, CREDIT DESIGNER AND PHOTOGRAPHER up front. Not buried in post or tags. If you are overlapping on a project with another industry professional, share credit and celebrate their work too. Value of collaboration and crediting eachother is better juju.

2 DON’T pop into DMs and expect other professionals to give you their design sources or vendors.

  • DO remember that their clients paid for them to do the work and if they don’t know you they don’t owe you. Build your own connections and relationships and if you have trust, you may get somewhere.

3 DON’T expect professionals to give you their time so you can “pick their brain”.

  • DO Ask to pay for a consultation hour or even peer-to-peer mentorship when it makes sense. This is all about intent and respect for time. Recognize that we all have limited bandwidth and if you need mentorship its not a two-way street.

4 DON’T Be afraid to make friends with other designers.

  • DO This is comparison to #4. So say hi when you see someone/recognize a person IRL. Start conversations at Market. Don’t just lurk, do the Crha Slide into DM’s and make friends. Once you’ve made relationships then there is equity and helping each other is a win-win.
  • reframe the idea of “competitors.” We all have different strengths and there is work for everyone.

5 DON’T Copy other designers work. Beware of the Pinterest trap.

  • DO feel confident that your POV is unique and important. Your audience will find you and you should feel like you can push yourself creatively. There are some aesthetics that have taken over our industry. Although beautiful, it seems like a boring place to be pigeon-holed forever.

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