Is it time for an office?

Are you still running your interior design business out of your home? Constant distractions, lack of resources, and limited space may be keeping your business from growing. Think of your business like a goldfish living in a fish bowl…it can grow if you give it space to grow!

In this episode, Rebecca and Shaun talk about:

  • Being disconnected from important work tasks, because of distractions in the home
  • Making more productive use of energy due to having an actual office space
  • Clients are more excited for presentations in an office verses at a home
  • Having boundaries with the design team is possible with an actual office
  • Being more efficient with a library of many samples to choose from
  • Getting a broker to locate, strategize and negotiate an office space
  • Considering different factors – lease terms, utilities, maintenance, commute time, neighborhood, etc.
  • Breaking things down into smaller pieces, compared to giant decisions

Resources Mentioned

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