Hot Young Designers Club: A Conversation with Richelle Plett

There is a science to upholstery construction and today’s guest, Richelle Plett, talks all about it. Unlike the sometimes boring science classes in school, this lesson is not only interesting but it can help improve your design business.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Trading price for quality and why longevity should be the deciding factor
  • Investing in pieces that are going to be used over and over again
  • Top three things designers should learn about upholstery 
  • How many vendor lines a designer should have
  • Tips for finding and restoring vintage pieces
  • Having a strong working relationship with an upholstery workroom
  • Bottom-line pricing versus Itemizing
  • Why interior designers need to get into the world of upholstery


Richelle’s Upholstery Uncovered Course

Richelle’s Course with Luann University

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