High Point Market Recap Fall 2023

This episode is a recap of our experience at Fall 2023 High Point Market. Join us as we walk through the showroom floors, share our observations on new trends, and break down some of the top looks that caught our eye. We’ll also share exclusive updates from favorite vendors like Four Hands, their new products, and some exciting technology improvements they’re making.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Trends seen at High Point Market Fall 2023
  • Updates from Four Hands — new products, inventory levels, sample ordering process, etc
  • How supply chain issues may impact designers
  • The Art Deco influences in lighting designs
  • What designers should look out for to plan their businesses better
  • Trends in furniture materials like travertine, stone and wood mixes, and colorful stones
  • Trends in furniture styles like distressed finishes, dressmaker details in upholstery, and glass side tables
  • Popular colors seen in furniture like gray-blues, rust tones, and celadon green  
  • Issues with some furniture being intentionally distressed to avoid damage claims
  • Hidden features in furniture, like power strips and movable parts in nightstands
  • Fur textures are seen more in chairs and sofas

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