118: Do Designers Have Rights?

Shaun and Rebecca discuss the issues around designers’ rights to their work. They talk about a recent situation where a company used photos of designer Natalie Myers’s work without her permission and modified the pictures a little with the help of AI. They discuss this issue, how having no rights over the pictures of their work is not fair to designers, and finding a fair solution to this issue.

In this episode, Rebecca and Shaun discuss:

  • How designers are often overlooked for bringing food and maintaining morale on job sites while photographers profit off photos without the designer’s consent
  • The unauthorized brand use of photos of a designer’s work
  • The Natalie Meyer situation where a company used her photos without permission
  • Photographer-designer relationships 
  • The complexity of photo licensing contracts and how the system favors photographers over designers
  • The lack of control designers have over photos of their own work
  • How designers can have more control over their work
  • Finding a fair way for photographers and designers to share rights and payments
  • Photographers can share licensing rights and revenue with designers when companies use photos of their designs


Episode 107: Just Stop Vi: Judgement Day


Natalie Meyer’s IG Post


Ethnik Living’s Apology


The movie ‘The Congress’ with Robin Wright has some parallels to what we’re talking about: The Congress – Prime Video

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