Designers vs Influencers

This week episode is all about the never ending battle between design influencers and designers. Just kidding! But the Hotties are talking about how the two business models differ and their experiences on both sides. It take a lot to do them successfully and running two businesses isn’t as glamorous as it sounds.

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Stuff they mentioned:

Is Rebecca going to do the ORC again?

She might be getting to use a bold wallpaper by Milton & King and designer Tiff Manuell

If you hadn’t heard, there’s a huge lumber shortage and it’s increasing the cost of projects exponentially.

Shaun got to go to his first dinner party since February 2020 pre-covid.

He shares more about how LGBT people create safe spaces to be authentically themselves.

This episode was recorded when we were together during Las Vegas Market in April 2021.

The blurred line between design influencers and designers can make it challenging for someone outside of the design industry to understand why they’re each different

Feedback from our 2021 Listener Feedback Survey suggested a number of designer influencers for potential interview

We talk about what we’re looking for in a guest episode and interview

We focus on the value a designer can offer to all of our listeners when we consider them for an episode

The main difference in the business model of design influencers is selling product – either through wholesale designer-exclusive vendors or via retail goods.

It’s possible to be a design tastemaker without monetizing it to become an influencer

Amber Interiors and Studio McGee have been examples for many designers.

Amber Lewis recently partnered with Portola Paints on work for her own home, and launched her own line with Anthropologie

Ginny MacDonald talked about her partnership with Lulu & Georgia when we interviewed her for Episode 6

We talk about developing a strategy to build a following and understanding the “why” a follower base can help you depending on your business growth goals

Not all designers want a boutique or a shop

Designer led e-commerce platforms like Kathy Kuo Home or Burke Decor sell a lot of products from wholesale designer sources

Your own home can be a great place to experiment with your design style and push your creative limits

Consider using blogging as a method to build trust with potential clients and build your audience

More content on Pinterest and increasing your SEO performance can increase traffic to help clients find you

There aren’t as many influencers who are actively working interior designers

We can learn a lot from influencers about marketing strategies, how they build their audiences, and how they present themselves authentically

As designers we need to get out of our own heads and put ourselves out there on social media to develop relationships with our future clients

We are our own most powerful marketing tool

How to connect ideas and be a storyteller

Consider using the STAR interview method when you’re interacting on social media: Situation, Task, Action, Result.

Do followers appreciate the clarity of influencers since they don’t often get that from designers?

Get permission from your clients to share projects on social media by putting it in your contract

Rebecca started asking clients if they wanted to be tagged in her social media.

We’ve definitely learned from influencers that we need to level up our photography game as designers

Brand consistency has helped influencers create a professional appearance that designers can adopt to increase credibility

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