104: A Conversation with Max Humphrey

How do you manage your design business? What are your criteria for accepting a prospect as a client, and do you often turn clients away? How do you share the progress of the project with clients? How do you structure your fees and payments from clients?

In this episode, Rebecca and Shaun speak with Max Humphrey to discuss:

  • The challenges of finding the right clients and managing client relationships and expectations
  • Having a flat fee structure as billing method for his design services
  • Dealing with clients’ feedback, revisions, etc
  • Max’s product collaborations and how he got started with brands like Sunbrella
  • Tips for pitching product collections
  • Having a recognizable brand style to collaborate effectively
  • Turning down clients who are not the right fit for you
  • Learning from working for others before starting a company
  • Managing client expectations around budgets and timelines
  • Using social media to attract the right client fit
  • Max’s book “Lodge” is about the historic lodges in America’s national parks


Max Humphrey Website

Max Humphrey (@maxwhumphrey) on IG 

Max’s book “Lodge” on Amazon

Max Humphrey Collection | HARTMANN&FORBES

Max’s collection of fabrics with Sunbrella and Pindler

Max’s wallpaper collection with Chasing Paper

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