A Conversation with Fred Nicolaus

We believe it is important to stay informed on news and trends within the design space. That’s why we invited Fred Nicolaus, executive editor of Business of Home, to the podcast. Business of Home is the home industry’s leading business media brand, delivering essential news, analysis and insights to interior designers and industry professionals.

In this episode, Rebecca and Shaun speak with Fred Nicolaus to discuss:

  • How so many people don’t know that design is such a fascinating business
  • High Point moving away from large retail buyers and towards designers
  • Different reasons why it is so important to stay informed with what’s going on in the industry
  • Why we think the industry is slow to innovate
  • How wealth is distributed among generations 
  • Working with home furnishing wholesaler, Four Hands
  • Theories on why minimums are so persistent
  • Needing wiggle room when it comes to product pricing
  • Having a succession internship program for designers who want to retire
  • Why mergers will become stronger
  • Our opinions on how A.I. will affect the industry


Business of Home

Business of Home podcast

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