A Conversation with Asha Chaudhary of Jaipur Living

On this week’s episode we’re excited to sit down with Asha Chaudhary, the CEO of Jaipur Living. Jaipur Living is one of our favorite rug and textile vendors to work with. Asha shares what it’s like to run a business with her family and how they like to collaborate with textile artisans globally.


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Stuff they mentioned:

This episode is sponsored by Jaipur Living. Visit JaipurLiving.com/HYD to set up your account today.

We appreciate the family-owned attention Jaipur Living gives to their products and their customer experience.

Asha and her sisters are all helping their company build on their father’s vision that started in India.

It was fascinating to hear about how the relationships with the artisans helps create a unique and beautiful textile and we love sharing that story with our clients.

Asha is on the steering committee for the Nest organization, a non-profit supporting the responsible growth of the artisan and maker economy.

The Jaipur Rugs Foundation is helping to uplift the artisan communities throughout India.

We talk about Jaipur’s partnership with designers at Verde Home to create a unique collection based on what designer’s are looking for.

And you know we enjoyed hearing about the supply chain impacts on their business so we can help our clients understand what’s happening globally and build the right expectations into our business.

Asha also shares with us how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted their families, artisans, and their business. It was a good reminder for us to consider the impact that individual people are having on the goods we bring into our clients’ homes.

There are lots of great customization options in the work with Jaipur Living which is exciting as a designer to think about how we can create our own bespoke pieces for clients.

Asha shared how she has been investing in her own professional development recently through the StrengthsFinder book and online StrengthsFinder assessment.

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