A Conversation With Anastasia Casey

This week the Hot Young Designers welcome Anastasia Casey of IDCO and The Identité Collective to have a candid conversation about how our social media strategies can help attract more of our future clients and not other designers. Anastasia offers guidance about where to find our dream clients and how to speak to them through all of our platforms. She shares with us the moment she knew it was time to embrace the niche direction of her business and how she empowered herself to say no to anyone that wasn’t her ideal client. Rebecca and Shaun even got Anastasia to share how she helps her clients increase their visibility and engagement online, positioning the value of an interior designer, and some inspiring words to help navigate the current economy. You don’t want to miss Anastasia’s amazing episode and our epic Kiss/Marry/Kill challenge – The Sibling Edition. Let’s go!

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Anastasia’s Episode on Real Talk Design With Michelle Binette was life changing

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