A Conversation with Ali Faulkner

What makes your interior design business different and how can you showcase that effectively? When should you hire a social media assistant and how long should you expect to see results? How can you make sure you are effectively networking in order to build relationships and grow your business? 

In this episode, Rebecca and Shaun speak with Ali Faulkner of AEF Interiors, to discuss:

  • Keeping it real and recognizing perfect doesn’t exist
  • Adding value to other designers through educational content
  • Why Ali continues to invest in social media help 
  • How your content can attract both clients and other designers 
  • How long it takes to actually grow on Instagram
  • Making calculated and informed risks
  • Building certain types of relationships early on in your business
  • The power of networking + 3 favorite ways to network
  • Understanding what it costs to run your business
  • Why you need to connect with other interior designers


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