123: Jennifer Ramsey Interiors, the process of increasing furniture sales

Today’s guest, Jennifer Ramsey, has not only mastered the art of creating stunning personalized spaces but also seamlessly incorporated furniture sales in her design process – a feat that has increased her furniture sales to a new height. In this episode, Jennifer talks about her strategic approach to design and furniture sales that has transformed the way her clients experience the design journey.

In this episode, they discuss:

  • Jennifer’s journey from working for a luxury designer to starting her own business
  • Jennifer’s remodeling projects with Tankersley construction 
  • Incorporating furniture sales into her design services
  • Her client inquiry process and how she communicates costs upfront
  • The importance of discussing the budget during initial client calls
  • Jennifer’s experience with Sandler Sales System and how it helped her improve her sales process
  • Using investment guide to set client expectations
  • Jennifer’s approach to setting client expectations for minimum purchasing, especially for furniture
  • The importance of identifying client pain points during the initial conversation to build trust and tailor her services to meet their specific needs
  • Using permission statements like “If at any point I’m not a good fit for you, or you’re not a good fit for me, is it okay if we say that to each other?” to establish trust and an open dialogue
  • Handling client’s budget fatigue during a project
  • Setting expectations with clients around furniture and window treatments 
  • How using Buildertrend allows contractors to be more organized and also facilitates better coordination with designers
  • The power of using phrases like, “I don’t do unfinished work” to indicate that all phases of the design, including the purchasing part, are scheduled and integrated into the overall project plan
  • Posting about her furnished spaces on social media and attracting new clients from it


Jennifer Ramsey Interiors’ Website: https://jenniferramseyinteriors.com/ 

Follow Jenn on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jenniferramseyinteriors 

Episode 105 A Conversation with Tankersley Construction: https://podcasts.captivate.fm/media/d137f52d-bc81-4f53-b0d2-6c19512c73f7/EP105-Hot-Young-Designers.mp3 

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Coach Matt Saia: matt.saia@sandler.com 

Sandler Sales System


Furnishing Budget Calculator: https://shop.hotyoungdesignersclub.com/products/furnishing-budget-calculator 

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