120: For the career-shifters. You want to work in the design industry

The design industry can be exciting to explore, but it’s not always easy to break into. If you’re looking to shift careers and work in interior design, Shaun and Rebecca have some valuable advice for you. They talk about the skills from your previous job that will add value to your design career, the challenges career-shifters face when switching into the design industry, and share tips that will help you break into the new field.

In this episode, Rebecca and Shaun discuss:

  • The challenges of switching careers in interior design
  • Tips and strategies for someone transitioning from another career into interior design 
  • Transferable skills someone can bring from another career that offers value in interior design
  • Challenges entrepreneurs face when switching industries
  • The need for entrepreneurs to set aside their ego to have a successful learning experience when switching industries
  • Challenges designers face in taking on inexperienced interns or employees
  • How can career changers demonstrate value beyond just design skills when pursuing opportunities in interior design
  • The challenges of transitioning from DIY home projects to working professionally in the design industry
  • What designers look for when it comes to hiring and training new employees
  • What does it take to find the right fit when switching to a new industry like interior design

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