116: Can kitchen and bathrooms be profitable?

As a designer, do you prefer working on kitchens or bathrooms? Are kitchens and bathrooms worth the effort in terms of payoff? Doing kitchens and bathrooms requires a lot of work but doesn’t always result in big profits. Shaun and Rebecca are here to discuss tips and strategies for making smaller projects like kitchens and bathrooms more profitable.

In this episode, Rebecca and Shaun discuss:

  • Challenges and benefits of working within the limitations of kitchen and bathroom spaces
  • Difficulty in finding a contractor who only does bathroom or kitchen
  • The crucial role contractors play in referrals
  • Ways to make kitchen and bathrooms more profitable and enjoyable
  • Doing minimum expenditures on kitchen and bathroom to guarantee more revenue
  • Not adding things that you don’t have any markup on
  • How can designers guarantee more revenue through minimum purchasing requirements
  • How some contractors undermine design decisions by suggesting cheaper alternatives
  • Importance of bringing up material purchases early in the project 
  • Challenges of photographing home renovation projects that include NDAs
  • Cobbled together approach for making money in kitchen design
  • The risks and rewards of custom cabinetry
  • Buying products directly from manufacturers and selling them without a third-party
  • Value of offering design-only services for self-managed clients


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