114: So you want to open an online shop?

Opening an online shop seems like an exciting way to expand your business, but it is a major undertaking that requires careful planning and execution. Shaun and Rebecca are launching their new e-commerce shop and share the good, the bad, and the ugly of what it really takes to launch a fully robust e-commerce shop.

In this episode, Rebecca and Shaun discuss:

  • Shaun and Rebecca’s experience launching a new e-commerce shop
  • Shaun and Rebecca’s experience on Payhip and why they are moving to Shopify
  • Shaun’s experience transitioning his email newsletter to Klaviyo
  • The challenges they faced moving to Shopify – rebranding their website, redesigning products, etc
  • Investing in quality product photography to showcase your brand aesthetic
  • Product descriptions and the importance of effective writing in conveying product features like texture, color, size, etc
  • Factors to consider like pricing, content, and inventory management from the beginning
  • Some design sales and marketing strategies
  • How working with coach Ashton from The Awakening helped them with their e-commerce business
  • Alternatives to a full e-commerce site like using affiliate links



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