115: How process leads to profit with Garrison Hullinger – Studio Garrison

Today’s guest, Garrison Hullinger, overcame adversity to build a thriving design business from the ground up. One of his secrets? Establishing the right process that allows for maximum productivity and profit.

Garrison discusses his processes — from the structure of his design team to qualifying clients, delegating tasks, establishing design pillars and vision statements for each project, and more. He shows how creativity and profits can thrive with the right planning structures in place.

In this episode, Rebecca and Shaun speak with Garrison Hullinger to discuss:

  • Garrison’s career path and how he got into interior design
  • How Garrison started his business without technical design skills
  • How neighborhood requests turned into his first design projects
  • The structure of Garrison’s design team and how the roles are organized
  • How Garrison communicates vision and guidance to his design team
  • Working during an economic downturn and seeing it as an opportunity for growth
  • The importance of delivering outcomes and ROI
  • How Garrison and his team balance creative ideas with practical constraints
  • Garrison’s process of qualifying prospects
  • Garrison’s experience breaking into multifamily projects
  • Garrison’s process for client meetings and project reviews
  • The importance of finding collaborators for successful projects


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