111: For The Newbies – Things we wished we knew when we started

Today, we go back on the journey of where we started and discuss the mistakes we made and the lessons we learned. We share everything we wished we knew when we started — from basic bookkeeping and accounting to choosing the right software, tools, and infrastructure we wish we implemented sooner.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Shaun and Rebecca are hosting the KBIS Panel 
  • Shaun and Rebecca’s early days in business and the journey they’ve been on since
  • Their toolbox when they launched and how they got their first clients
  • Projects from their first year taking on clients — their charges, the very basic tools and processes they used 
  • Mistakes they made – no business structure, setting unrealistic rates, unclear project scopes, etc
  • Lessons on bookkeeping software options, choosing the right accounting partner and proper business banking/accounts
  • Tips for newbies just starting out, as well as those looking to take their business to the next level
  • Designers often delete old projects and content from their websites as their style and clientele evolve — use Wayback Machine to track changes
  • Things to do if you have no portfolio — create mood boards, design plans, or spec sheets to show your design skills


KBIS Panel


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