109: What’s out for 2024 – 6 changes we’re making in our businesses

As we enter 2024, there are some things that we do not wish to bring with us into this year, and we want to make some changes in our lives and businesses. Today, we share our no-more list for 2024 and discuss the 6 changes (3 from each of us) we want to make in our businesses. Some of these changes will resonate with you, Hotties, and your businesses.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Shaun and Rebecca are hosting a panel on The Humorous Side of Design in Las Vegas
  • Rebecca is going to be more discretionary about full-service clients
  • Shaun wants to be more selective about half-baked decorating projects
  • Shaun’s experience with clients who wanted decorating help but not full design
  • The challenges of managing client expectations 
  • The importance of having clear and defined goals in projects
  • Rebecca’s struggle with monthly planning and tracking
  • The fear of projects never feeling complete in consulting-only work
  • Rebecca’s goal to put more effort into her design business, Happy Hour
  • Shaun’s will pay closer attention to initial client meetings
  • Rebecca is no longer going to be afraid of selling her services and getting beyond her fear of self-promotion
  • The importance of paying attention to warning signs during discovery calls
  • Shaun wants to get back to regularly posting content on Instagram and Pinterest


Rebecca will be spending more time on Happy Hour


Shaun’s demotivated to spend time in Instagram and Pinterest


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