108: RIP 2023 Celebrating the wins

It’s the last episode of 2023, so today, we did some year-end reflections and highlights. From doing over 100 episodes of the podcast to contributing our designs and opinions, we achieved so many things this year. While there were certain challenges along the way, today, we’re taking time to reflect on some of our wins and accomplishments of 2023 instead of just frustrations.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Reflections on wins and positives in 2023 instead of just frustrations
  • The Hot Young Designers Club Patreon community and the exclusive episodes 
  • Personal and professional accomplishments of Shaun and Rebecca in 2023
  • Business of Home featured Hot Young Designers Club in an article on their website
  • Hitting 100 episodes of the podcast and over 100k total listens
  • Opportunities to contribute opinions on AI and design
  • Rebecca’s experience being in HGTV magazine 
  • Finding a reliable contractor partner and the importance of a strong working relationship
  • Shaun’s experience in managing a studio space and business overhead
  • Rebecca started renting clothes through Nuuly to be more experimental with her style
  • The goals Shaun and Rebecca set for the podcast in 2020
  • Shaun and Rebecca’s experience running a podcast
  • Working with clients who allow for creative exploration and experimentation 
  • Financial side of consultations and scheduling milestone meetings in advance
  • Completion of Shaun’s South Pasadena project
  • Encouragement for listeners to do their year-end reflections 


Try the HYDC Business Retreat for your reflections


Rebecca has liked Nuuly for renting new cloths


Check out our feature in Business of Home


Shaun’s South Pasadena project


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