105: A Conversation with Tankersley Construction

What is the most challenging part of your business? What percentage of your projects involve working with a designer? How do you vet clients before getting into pre-construction? Rebecca and Shaun sit down with Steve and Heather Tankersley, owners of Tankersley Construction, to discuss their business.

In this episode, Rebecca and Shaun speak with Steve and Heather to discuss:

  • The most successful and challenging projects for Steve and Heather 
  • Tankersley’s pre-construction process where they evaluate design goals, budget, etc
  • Challenges of traditional contracting methods
  • Having a structured process for vetting clients – a form on the website, in-person or virtual meetings, etc
  • The need for designers to stand firm in their boundaries rather than compromise on unprofitable projects
  • The potential for clients to shop around after receiving the pre-construction documentation
  • Steve’s experience with Sandler Training and how it has helped them in their business
  • Frustration with clients who refuse to budge on costs despite inflation
  • Renovation costs are unlikely to go down and will increase due to inflation
  • Impact of social media on shaping people’s perceptions of home design
  • A client’s experience of wasting $50,000 on plans that were not feasible to build due to budget constraints
  • How National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) is helping to make the remodeling industry better
  • Heather and Steve’s goals for the future of their company 


Visit Tankersley Construction Website

Steven and Heather Tankersley (@tankersley_construction) on Instagram

Sandler Sales Training

Business of Home article – Inflation is going down. Why aren’t contractor bids?

National Association of The Remodeling Industry

Remodelers Advantage

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