Client Onboarding Bundle

Confidently explain the value of the procurement process, set your project furnishing budget early and accurately, and provide a professional welcome to your clients with our easy-to-use guides, templates, and calculator for client onboarding with our 3 tools in 1 bundle.

What You’ll Get:

Establishing a Decorating Budget

  • Customizable Google Sheet
  • Interactive client-friendly calculator
  • 5 sample room budgets with furnishings
  • Built-in shipping estimator
  • Built-in receiving and delivery estimator
  • Adjustable sales tax calculator
  • 4 price tiers per furnishing item
  • Customizable for your brand standards
  • Quick and easy to implement

Client Welcome Guide

  • 7-page customizable Canva template
  • Client Welcome letter
  • Client Tips & Reminders
  • Communications Overview
  • Project Phases & Milestones timeline
  • Payment & Billing terms
  • Thank You page

Procurement Guide

  • 11-page customizable Canva template
  • Client-friendly explanations of
  • How designers make money
  • How trade vendors work
  • How we handle freight and shipping
  • Working with a receiver
  • Customizable rate sheet
  • Answers to common FAQ