9 design books guaranteed to inspire you

Design coffee table books, especially those crafted by fellow interior designers, are absolute treasures. They’re packed with stunning visuals and creative inspiration, and they look fabulous on any coffee table. These books are the perfect blend of style and substance, with gorgeous covers and rich content that showcases the latest trends, timeless designs, and personal stories from designers we admire.

We’ve handpicked nine of our favorite design coffee table books, and we think you’ll be just as obsessed as we are. These gems cover everything from sleek minimalism to bold eclectic styles, offering fresh perspectives and endless inspiration. Perfect for sparking new ideas or simply enjoying a bit of creative eye candy, these books are a must-have for any design lover. So go ahead, dive into our top picks, and let these beautiful books ignite your creativity!


by Studio Shamshiri

The level at which Studio Shamshiri works is just incredible and so inspiring on every level. The book itself is large and heavy and deserves a starring role on your coffee table. Inside, every detail of the furnishings, finishes and architectural details would be intimidating if it wasn’t so beautiful and effortlessly cool. I love the way their work tell a story and honors important architecture but still manage to create spaces that you want to hang out in. 

This coffee table book takes you on a gorgeous journey through Studio Ashby’s stunning projects, blending art, home, and soul in every space. The photos are absolutely breathtaking, showing off everything from cozy, art-filled living rooms to serene, minimalist bedrooms. You can really feel the personal touch in each design. Plus, the little snippets about the studio’s design philosophy and process make it even more interesting. Plus, sometimes you need a bold pop of color on a shelf or surface and this gorgeous cover is giving.

The New Design Rules

by Emily Henderson

In her latest book Emily breaks down the essentials of designing spaces in a way that’s super easy to understand almost like a mini design school. The book is packed with  handy tips, step-by-step guides and lots of pros and cons to consider that are helpful whether you’re just starting out or have some experience under your belt. From picking the right colors to arranging furniture, she covers it all. It’s a fantastic resource full of beautiful photos of designer work, including work by our very own Wrensted Interiors.


A Tale of Interiors

by Pierce & Ward

Pierce & Ward make the kind of rooms that you could stare at for hours and keep finding new details to look at. Their projects are incredibly layered and they mix styles and genres in spaces that feel totally luxe but very livable. They’re redefining Hollywood glamour with their celebrity clientele and this book design itself is as beautiful as their projects.

Summer Thornton’s projects are a wild mix of bold color and pattern that you would never think would work together but she manages to pull it off. Her fearless approach and eclectic style shines through in every page, offering fresh and daring ideas to invigorate your work. If you’re looking for new ways to break design rules this is a must read.

Chances are you’ve seen Scott Shrader’s work in the pages shelter magazines for years. In his book he shares his philosophies for creating and planning gardens that encourage guests to stay outside longer. He’s got some great insights for how to make exterior spaces flow better with the inside of the home which can help us in so many of our own projects.

Memories of Home

by Heidi Caillier

Unless you’re hiding under.a rock you know that Heidi has this amazing knack for blending modern functionality with vintage charm. She has a way of making every space feel warm and comfortable and but still very cool. The book is packed with beautiful photos by her longtime collaborater Haris Kenjar and insights into her unique journey into design. Reading it is like taking a masterclass in creating spaces that feel truly special and lived-in.

Every Room Should Sing

by Beata Heuman

Beata brings a sense of Swedish whimsy to each of her projects that make you smile when you look at them. She adds the most interesting details to her work and every room feels cozy and soft and comforting. She also has her own products including lighting, fabric and hardware available if you want to bring some of her style into your projects.


One of my favorite places to find inspiration is in older books and magazines. If a design still catches my eye than I know its classic and timeless. If you’re someone who loves interesting objects and collections this book has a ton of inspiring ways to display and celebrate “things.”

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