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Founders Rebecca Plumb and Shaun Crha met for the first time in January 2020 after being friends on Instagram. They soon developed a bond that became vital to their design businesses and to surviving the ups and downs of the interior design industry. They launched the Hot Young Designers Club podcast in April 2020 to share their conversations with other designers, and it has since grown into a loyal and energetic community that’s created friendships across the industry.

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Meet the Hotties


Studio Plumb

Rebecca is an interior designer and owner of Studio Plumb, a firm dedicated to helping busy women and families craft homes that are both comfortable and charming.  Rebecca started her career as a graphic designer, managed creative teams, and co-owned a small creative agency. After 20 years in the marketing world, she took a big leap into the unknown and went back to her first love of interiors.  She is known for her use of color and seamlessly combines vintage treasures, modern elements, and meaningful decor in her work.

Rebecca lives in Sacramento, CA with her husband, 9-year-old daughter, and Labradoodle named Desmond. When she’s not working on projects she’s probably reading a book, listening to one, or trying to convince her husband to take on a new house project.


Wrensted Interiors

Shaun left a career in corporate banking to start Wrensted Interiors when he realized he couldn’t handle the bureaucracy anymore and wanted to stop living for the weekends. Today, he pursues his passion for design by working with residential clients to create beautiful and functional spaces. His goal is to provide a comfortable place for his clients to live that reflects their unique needs. 

A Los Angeles area native, Shaun attended The Art Institute to earn his Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design. He honed his skills with renowned designer, Kathryn M Ireland, before deciding to start his own company in 2017. He lives in Long Beach, CA with his husband and their beagle in a charming Spanish bungalow. When he’s not working you’ll catch him watching RuPaul’s Drag Race, enjoying a filthy martini, or trying to keep up with his garden.