2021 Goals

The Hot Young Designers are back with their first episode of 2021! They’re stating their goals to let the universe know what they want from this year. And Rebecca and Shaun aren’t taking no for an answer! It’s time to talk about where their businesses (and the Podcast) are headed for 2021.

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Stuff they mentioned:

Rebecca loves the Good Notes app on her iPad for consultations.

Shaun’s under-rug heating pad is an awesome radiant heat alternative

Planoly for Instagram planning

Rebecca switched to Studio Designer as an all-in-one tool that includes bookkeeping

Check out Episode 9 with Anastasia Casey of the Indentité Collection to get the actionable steps for Social Media growth and engagement

The Identité Collective’s Instagram Editorial Calendar

9 design books to inspire you

9 design books to inspire you

Design coffee table books, especially those written by interior designers are special because they are


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