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They’re not that hot, or that young, but hosts Rebecca Plumb of Studio Plumb, and Shaun Crha of Wrensted Interiors, are spilling the tea every week on how a new generation of interior designers run their business.

Meet Rebecca

Rebecca Plumb is the founder of Studio Plumb, an interior design studio based in Sacramento, California, that helps busy women create livable and lovable homes. A mixer of styles best described as collected eclectic, she combines vintage classics with modern pieces and meaningful objects. Personality, character, and color are brought to each project to reinforce that one shouldn’t have to choose between form and function. Studio Plumb has been featured in Apartment Therapy, Better Homes & Gardens, One Room Challenge,, and Sacramento Magazine. After surviving bouts of imposter syndrome, depression, and a major career shift, Rebecca has made it her life’s practice to push through discomfort and try new things. The accomplishment she’s most proud of is curing her fear of public speaking, by getting on a stage and doing it over and over again. You’ll find her frequently (and annoyingly) encouraging others to JFDI (just freaking do it), whatever it is they’re dreaming of.

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Meet Shaun

Shaun Crha is the Principal Designer of Wrensted Interiors based in Long Beach, California. He doesn’t take design, or himself, too seriously while helping busy families create functional and beautiful spaces. Leaving behind a 13-year career in the banking industry to become a design intern was no easy decision, but Shaun wanted to create a happier life for himself and his clients. While styles range from traditional to modern, you’ll seldom find a project that doesn’t incorporate one-of-a-kind art, accessories, and vintage furniture. Each project is equal parts timeless and approachable. Wrensted Interiors has been featured in Houzz and My Domaine.

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